Pam Rooney



I am delighted that Pam is running for a seat on the Council representing District 4—she brings to this job an extraordinary set of communication, research and meeting skills. She is a careful listener and asks thoughtful and informed questions, often with creative approaches. Pam does her homework and comes to meetings prepared, always with good cheer and a splash of optimism. She is calm and open to new ideas, even from people with whom she might not agree. With her background in planning and natural resources, she will help the Council and Amherst to deepen our commitment to the highest standards of environmental and energy policy. Pam knows the Master Plan and has innovative ideas about how to manage new development that is aligned with our Plan. Pam will bring a valuable set of talents and experience that will make her a very skillful Councilor and Town leader that District 4 will be proud of.
Meg Gage
Chair, Participatory Budgeting Commission
Member, Amherst Charter Commission
Pam Rooney has been our neighbor for more than twenty years. During that time, we have witnessed her tireless dedication to our neighborhood community and to the town of Amherst in general. Her civic involvement includes a diverse array of commitments ranging from Town Meeting (10 years) and Planning Board (6 years) member, to Marks Meadow parent playground development team and Community Preservation Act Committee chair. In all her capacities, Pam does her homework and seeks collaboration with different constituencies within the town. She listens to all viewpoints and works enthusiastically toward solving district and town issues. For these reasons, we support Pam Rooney’s candidacy for District 4 Town Council Representative without reservation.
Gaylord and Janet Elias Saulsberry
Retired ARHS Principal and retired ARHS Teacher
District 4 residents
I support Pam Rooney for Town Council! She is intelligent, fair-minded, collaborative, visionary, agreeable, conscientious, open, stable, friendly. Exactly what Amherst needs in our leadership.
Ira Bryck
Business Coach and Family Business Center founder
Former radio host of Western Mass Business Show on WHMP
District 4 resident
Endorsed by APEA