Pam Rooney



We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims (R. Buckminster Fuller). A great listener and practical thinker, Pam Rooney has been pushing the town council to prioritize, plan, and then take needed actions for a family- and workforce-friendly town where people of diverse incomes can afford to live and participate fully in public life.
Cathy Axelson-Berry
Co-founder of the Amherst Indy
Former co-president of the Jewish Community of Amherst
Longtime Amherst resident
Pam Rooney is smart, hard working, and knows our district well. She is an experienced professional planner and wants to help Amherst be a great place for year-round residents as well as students. Pam is the kind of person we should all want in Amherst town leadership. Our votes will keep her there.
Ken Rosenthal
Former Chair, Zoning Board of Appeals
A founder of Hampshire College and its first CFO
District 4 resident
Pam Rooney has been our neighbor for more than twenty years. During that time, we have witnessed her tireless dedication to our neighborhood community and to the town of Amherst in general. In all her capacities, Pam does her homework and seeks collaboration with different constituencies within the town. She listens to all viewpoints and works enthusiastically toward solving district and town issues. For these reasons, we support Pam Rooney’s candidacy for District 4 Town Council Representative without reservation.
Gaylord and Janet Elias Saulsberry
Retired ARHS Principal and retired ARHS Teacher
District 4 residents