Pam Rooney


Vision and Council Priorities


  • A Council that encourages public input and listens to them! Clear process for public input and for Council decision-making.  Making it easy for everyone to follow subjects, engage, and participate.
  • Policies developed with, and intended for, all residents.
  • Plan what we want the Town Center(s) to look like, then adjust zoning to create that. Don’t zone first and hope something good comes out of it – it won’t.
  • Meet multiple Master Plan goals of encouraging density in built-up areas WHILE protecting historic structures that appeal to visitors and townspeople alike.  
  • Active and attractive Town Centers with exciting public spaces and street life that draw people in.
  • Seek out housing opportunities that serve working families ahead of wealthy students; support tools and agencies that keep single-family homes owner-occupied, not investor managed.
  • Effective and efficient Town services within the budget; a budget that addresses critical needs and minimizes taxpayer impact.
  • Capital spending on schools as my priority.  New facilities to be modest, green, and built to minimize long-term operating and maintenance costs.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure improvements that increase usage and increase safety.
  • A safe and supportive environment for our diverse residents – age, race, gender, income
  • Amherst as a model for sustainability and climate resiliency
  • Town-Gown discussions made more frequent and more public – we and our institutions of Higher Ed need each other


It always is the people who make a community! We have a town of wonderful folks; let’s make it easier for you to get involved. We can improve access to information and participation!

I want to contribute to the physical health and well-being of Amherst by bringing experience in planning, zoning, and infrastructure to decisions at all levels.

I listen to people and facilitate solutions. All Amherst residents should feel supported and safe in this community. Amherst is a place for all, from school kids to seniors – let’s really celebrate that. I look forward to bringing all my life lessons and professional experience to serving Amherst!